Tapestry Devotional Arts



“Worship is more than music on Sunday, but how we live and hold Him in our everyday lives.” 

Tapestry Devotional Arts: Mission & Vision Statement 

To enhance the mission and vision of New Hope Community Church by developing and producing Worship services, performance pieces, opportunities and events that will bring the New Hope and the Foothill communities together in understanding and Worship. 


We’ll do this by creating a Core Team of artists, technicians and producers who will be committed to discovering and strengthening their own individual purpose of Worship through; Group Bible Study and Support, as well as Collaborative Production and Performance. 

The artists will utilize Contemporary and Traditional artistic material from varied sources, along with New Media and Technology to connect worshipers and the community through messages of individual and relational growth, and transformation. 

Current Tapestry Teams: 

* Tapestry Worship Team 

* Tapestry Theatre Ensemble 

Contact Creative Arts Director Tim Borquez for more info at: tborquez@haciendapost.com