Tapestry Theatre Ensemble


“All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts…”

Tapestry Theatre Ensemble

To provide growth opportunities that are creative and spiritually enriching for students and families within our community- through collaboration in the theatrical and performing arts.
We’ll do this by sponsoring and supporting the development of youth performing arts programs and adult performing arts events with other dedicated community artists and organizations; fostering a vibrant artistic synergy between the New Hope Tapestry Arts team and the community at large. Through the use of contemporary and traditional material from varied sources, we will engage the ensemble participants and the community audiences in stories and moments of personal growth, tolerance and relational understanding.

There are 3 elements of the Tapestry Theatre Ensemble:

1. The Young Performers’ Workshop Programs
2. Mainstage Productions
3. Tapestry Arts Outreach

We feel these elements are essential to fostering an artistic community with mentorship, artistic quality and community participation.

Our core purpose is to provide a community-based program that offers the option of “the arts” to families, as they determine the paths and experiences they’d like to see their children and themselves explore together and in the process, with other dedicated community members, witness confidence, self-esteem and the presence of God growing in their lives.

The Young Performers’ Workshop

The Young Performers Workshop Series was developed by the FPAC
(Foothill Performing Arts Council, a local foothill community arts organization) and New Hope Tapestry artistic director Tim Borquez in the Summer of 2004. Its goal has been to offer the opportunity for young artists, who would otherwise not be able to afford a program like this; the chance to perform in a safe and supportive environment; and to be mentored by industry professionals. This program has now become the “shining gem” of New Hope Tapestry’s work in the community and has now expanded its offering with the addition of a YPW Fall/Holiday Workshop. The YP Workshop is a truly enriching experience for young performers between the ages of 10-22.
The program has reaped high praise from students and their parents in the Foothill communities for its disciplined, yet heartfelt approach to building the confidence of its students and for giving them the opportunity to grow as kind and supportive ensemble members who will challenge themselves in the Workshop and in their everyday lives and in their community. The Workshop experience fosters camaraderie, and mutual respect for their instructors, volunteers and fellow ensemble members. These young performers have had the opportunity to audition and participate with adult professional performers in recent mainstage productions of “Working”, “Scenes From A Christmas Season”, “The Silver Spittoon Saloon” and
“Guys & Dolls, where they performed with Broadway stars Robert Torti, DeLee Lively and multi-platinum recording artist Delious Kennedy.
Applications are now being accepted for this next Young
Performers’ Workshop program.
Student Scholarship Subsidies and Various Discount options are available.
To get more details about the program Contact: Artistic Director: Tim Borquez tborquez@haciendapost.com

We would be most grateful for any donations to defray the cost of Workshop tuition for students who are in need.
If you would like Donate by Check, please send your donations to

New Hope Community Church
10438 Oro Vista Ave
Sunland, CA 91042
Memo: Young Performers’ Programs Fundraising

Mainstage Productions

While mounting a full-blown musical production is an experience in itself- the true purpose of our Mainstage productions is to raise funds to continue our Young Performers’ Workshop programs on an on-going basis. We’ve had the awesome pleasure of presenting 2 Mainstage productions every year for the past 3 years. These Mainstage productions have been the product of some exhilerating and fun summers, where adult industry professionals, community artists and ensemble members from our Young Performers’ Workshops come together to present a full-length musical production. Beginging with the fantastic production of GODSPELL, produced by the FPAC in 2005 and the first Tapestry/FPAC Holiday collaborative production of the original musical revue “Scenes From a Christmas Season”, each subsequent Mainstage production has raised the bar creatively and has quickly established the Tapestry/FPAC productions as the place to be to experience quality musical theatre in our Foothill community. Other productions include: The benefit production of “Guys & Dolls” (Starring Tony Nominees Robert Torti and DeLee Lively), “The Silver Spittoon Saloon”, “Winter Tapestry 2008/2009” and the  production of
“Milestones: a musical chronicle of Love, Loss & Life”.
Whether it’s volunteers helping with sets, lights, costumes, photography, pizza dinners for the kids or just working the concession stand, our Mainstage and Workshop productions couldn’t happen without the help of volunteers of all ages, from all walks of life, from within our community and beyond.


To get more details about how to become a volunteer on one of our production teams or to audition for upcoming productions, please contact: Artistic Director: Tim Borquez at tborquez@haciendapost.com

Tapestry Arts Outreach

New Hope Tapestry Theatre has been reaching out and building relationships with other local arts organizations and helping support their efforts with facilities, technical and creative support. Some of these other organizations include:

(FPAC) The Foothill Performing Arts Council

The Pacoima Middle School Fine Arts Magnet’s award-winning vocal group “The Pacoima Singers”

“Much Ado About Shakespeare” Youth theatre troupe.

And The FCC (The Foothills Community Chorus)
led by director Tina Baldridge

New Hope Tapestry has also provided technical support to The Verdugo Hills School of Visual and Performing Arts and The Apperson St. Choraliers.